Local SEO for Fence Companies

Fence companies who invested in their Local SEO presence in the last 3 or so years are benefiting from the massive boom of residential and commercial fencing searches on Google and Google Maps in your city and nationwide.

Positioning your website for organic Google searches and local placement within Google Maps searches will help drive more qualified leads to your fence companies’ websites, decrease your marketing expenses, and boost your sales revenue.

Why Is Your Google My Business Listing Important?

It helps establish your online presence in the eyes of Google, it’s free and customers are using “near me” keyword searches to find fencing companies like yours and your competitors. 

97% of fencing prospects will start looking for local businesses like yours online – Where do they search? On Google and Google Maps, of course. 

Google will send you a postcard within 10 days to verify your listing; once verified you’ll have full access to your listing, can start to optimize it, add images or videos, and curate content for Posts; Google’s answer to Facebook’s “status updates”. 

Your GMB listing usually serves as the first entry point for a potential customer or vendor researching local companies or suppliers for their fence project. It’s important to frequently update your listing with current projects and before and after pictures of completed fencing jobs.

Local Ranking Factors

Although no one really knows the “Secret Sauce” over at Google, there are industry SEO professionals who test marketing theories, study trends, look at data, review Google patents, and more.  

To achieve maximum results for your Google My Business presence, you will need to increase your Google My Business signals, build better backlinks to your website, develop a system to increase your online reviews, ensure your website is optimized for mobile & desktop searches, establish a consistent NAP across the web through data aggregators, boost CTR signals, and drive social signals from Google, Twitter, Foursquare, Foursquare, etc.  

GMB Checklist

Verifying your fence company on Google is easy. Get started by registering your business with Google at this link. Make sure to use your legal business name, upload you images, and pick the categories that best relates to your fence business. Google will send a postcard to your address listed to verify your GMB listing with a 5 digit pin code. The process is almost instantaneous once you have the pin code. 

A lot of fence companies can get a simple boost in their local rankings by simply uploading more photos and videos of their fence projects or day to day happenings at work. File names can be added to the image so that Google can understand what the image is (ie. fence-supplier-near-me.jpg) – make sure your location settings are on when taking the photos so Google Maps can geo-locate the image. Make it a habit to take pictures and you’ll start to see more impressions generating over time. 

Most fence companies try to pick too many categories for their Google listing or they pick the wrong one.With over 3,900 different categories to choose from, it can become a daunting task. For the fencing industry, available Google My Business categories:

  • Fence Contractor (GCID fence_contractor)
  • Fence Supply Store (GCID fence_supply_store)
  • Building Materials Store (GCID building_materials_store)
  • Building Materials Supplier (GCID building_materials_supplier)
Drive More Fence Leads Through Google My Business Optimization

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